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Private Equity

We particularly like businesses that have sales and where cash flow is the only thing holding them back from growth. Inventory and wholesale orders can tie up a lot of cash that could be used to grow the business.

We do venture debt and trade partnerships. We finance inventory, purchase orders and like to help our investment companies grow. The businesses we look for are young, profitable, and have more orders than they can fulfill with their current cash position. Ideally above US$1 million in annual sales and looking to grow.

General Requirements

- Companies having annual turnover of US$1 to US$50 Million with good credit history

- Industries preferred: Fashion & Clothing, Consumer household goods, Apparel & Accessories, Home Décor. (No software, services or Real estate)

- Developed Markets- USA, UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Northern Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore.

Growth Capital

We provide growth capital vs M&A capital. While we do consider buyout opportunities it is not our main focus. We prefer to finance young growing companies by providing growth capital with an equity kicker in the company to align our interests with the owners.

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